Here is what people have to say:

How good it is to give thanks to you . . . O Most High God, to proclaim your constant love every morning and your faithfulness every night, with the music of stringed instruments” (Psalm 92:1-3 GNT).

This verse describes in a nutshell the musical ministry of my friend and colleague, classical guitarist, Dr. Michael Brennan. Michael has an incredible story and his gratefulness to God for His amazing grace is so easily heard in his skillful artistry and clearly seen in his servant attitude. Not too long ago I attended one of Michael’s concerts in a church in our town and watched with wonder as his story came alive through his music and message. As I looked around the room the faces of the congregants spoke volumes—faces bright with joy and delight, others with eyes closed and hearts lifted in worship and praise.

Michael is in every sense of the word a “minister” of music. His playing reminds me of the verse in 1 Samuel 16:23 that describes David playing for the troubled King Saul, “And so it was, whenever the spirit from God was upon Saul, that David would take a harp and play it with his hand. Then Saul would become refreshed and well, and the distressing spirit would depart from him” (NKJV). Through David’s playing Saul was refreshed physically, made well emotionally, and comforted spiritually. That’s how the Holy Spirit ministers through Michael’s music as well.

It is with great joy that I unreservedly recommend Michael to you and your church, not for just another concert of beautiful music, which it most certainly will be, but a concert of worship and praise where Christ is exalted and the church edified and encouraged.

- Dr. Gary Mathena - Music Pastor and Adjunct Professor of Worship Studies, Liberty University
When I consider inviting a worship leader to minister at our fellowship, I not only desire to bring someone who is skilled as a musician, but also someone who is a reflection of God’s work in his life. In 2013, as Mike and I were texting back and forth, I told him, “It has been a blessing seeing our Savior’s work in your life,” as I had watched him go through a pretty dark season in his life. Mike responded by saying, “Oh my! He has been more than faithful and given me beauty for ashes!!” No wonder Mike titled his last CD, “You Make All Things Beautiful,” which is reflected in Mike’s life and ministry.
— John Pennell, Calvary Chapel of Lake Villa, IL
Michael Brennan’s performance at Bonsack Baptist Church was marked by a potent combination of lovely musicianship and a fervency to glorify God through personal testimony and familiar yet fresh expressions of time-tested hymns. Like the psalmist, Michael shepherded us through an evening of worship with skillful hands and an upright heart (Psalm 78:72). We are grateful for his ministry and look forward to having him again!
— Jon Spencer, Bonsack Baptist Church
Michael Brennan has an extraordinary ability to communicate the spirit and emotion behind both modern choruses and ancient hymns alike without singing a word. He truly brings people before the throne of God in a way which few others are able to do!
— Brad Beals, Warrenton Baptist Church
Michael Brennan’s exceptional ability as a guitarist and his heart for worship proved to be a very meaningful part of our communion worship event. His genuine love for the Lord shows in his daily life as well as during performance. I would heartily recommend Michael Brennan to anyone looking for an opportunity to present a Christian artist who ministers with excellence and grace.
— Craig Hughes, Grace Life Baptist Church
Michael Brennan is an absolute professional in the art of guitar. Not only does he play with excellence, but he also leads worship from a heart that has been before the throne of grace.
— Michael Tuck, Lawndale Baptist Church
Michael is a masterful, talented guitarist which brings pleasantness to the music he offers. More importantly, his humble approach to worship allows the listener to remove Michael from the experience of the worship, instead concentrating on the God he serves. I can recommend Michael without reservation to present to your congregation for a main service or a special service.
— Brian Nevins, Calvary Chapel Northern KY